FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

When do I get benefits for volunteer efforts put in over the year?

  1. In June at end of membership year after annual fundraising is complete. Income is assessed and receivable benefits available will be announced. Benefits are dispersed between June announcement and sept 15 2018 according to achieved fundraising success and Government rules. Members must first pay for things like classes, workshop, camps other qualifying expenses over the course of the year. Reimbursement occurs at the end of PIHHDA fundraising dance year when finances are complete and your receipts are submitted.


  1. Class fees (tuition)

  2. Workshops/Camps (training)

  3. Qualifying travel expenses

  4. Qualifying dance educational expenses

  5. Other qualifying expenses with receipts submitted.


What is this year’s goal for benefit/opportunity to the dancers?

  1. For example if $40000 Fundraising PROFIT is accomplished it could look like the (fig 1) below. Therefore resulting in $2000 ea benefit to the 18 full member and $1000 ea to half membership. This is recovered upon submitting receipts to the association treasurer throughout the year or when benefits are established in June of each year.

  2. Our goal is to have zero cost fundraising based on donated services and general donations.


Can I join part way through the year?

  1. Yes if you can meet the volunteer requirements in the current year.


Why are there half memberships?

  1. To provide opportunity to those who can’t commit the required time for full membership.


Can credits be carried forward or “banked”?

  1. Yes, according to AGLC up to 2 years from membership if you continue to participate.


When do I have to decide how I will use my benefits if I choose not to continue with PIHHDA?

  1. Between June 1 and Sept 15 at the end of your dance year that you participated.


How does PIHHDA keep track of earnings for credit/dispersal to members?

  1. Qualifying completed hours represents value of benefit received. The earnings are divided up amongst how many members join and is relative to level of membership. Assistance or “credit” is divided equally among members depending on accounts balance governed in a number of ways.

    1. Alberta gaming and liquor (dispersed under AGLC) guidelines, page 90/91 GAIN manual)

    2. General fundraising (money is used for events or activities agreed upon by PIHHDA member votes)

    3. Operating costs (used to secure event locations or secure purchasing items required to raise money)

  2. Half members receive 50% of the benefits as their effort or input requirement is 50% less.


I put more hours in, am I entitled to more benefit?

  1. No, 30 hours is the projected amount of time forecasted each year required to reach association fundraising goals set out. Members will vote each year to adjust hours as required to meet goals.

  2. More members could mean less time required OR higher fundraising goals set and less effort required. This would enable scholarships and other opportunities becoming available to students in the future.

  3.  Extra effort is definitely not discouraged J


        Can my dancer put in the hours required to fulfill my commitment and benefit?

  1. YES, any hours spent volunteering as a member or on behalf of a member resulting in money earned for the association count.


What is the definition of a volunteer hour?

  • Time spent that directly benefits PIHHDA and therefore results in money being raised on behalf of PIHHDA. (Time dedicated to studio alone does not constitute a volunteer hour for credit)

  • When PIHHDA works in conjunction with the studio at an event intended to fundraise for PIHHDA.


Can I just donate cash to fulfill my commitment hours?

  1. Yes, $100 cash donated by a member is equal to 1 volunteer hour.



If I just want to help out here and there can I benefit from the association?

  1. Not unless you choose to become a member as outlined on the membership form. We need committed members in order to budget according time input required to chosen fundraising events.

  2. We can certainly use help to pull off events and may call on parent groups if the need arises and you still want to help.

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